• Spacejacked
    Spacejacked is now available on STEAM for Windows, Mac & Linux!
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  • Lion City Heroes
    Step into the shoes of Sang Nila Utama, and embark on an epic adventure that lead to the founding of Singapore.
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  • Slashy Hero
    Play through 47 intricately designed levels, battle huge bosses, collect a ton of costumes to wear and become the hero the world deserves!
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  • Horizon’s Edge
    Take charge as you gather legendary heroes from the four corners of the world to form your ultimate party; Battle through the depths of the abyss and save the world!
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New Release

WickLandsIOS, Android

Guide two artistic friends, James and Jeremy through WickLands.


Build. Shoot. Survive invasion by filthy alien scum.

Professor Brain Memory
Professor Brain MemoryPC

Enter the world of Professor Brain Memory and try to unlock your brain's full memory power.

Coming Soon

Horizon's Edge
Horizon's Edge

Horizon’s Edge is a social mobile RPG. The game features an exclusive art style in the form of a 2D top-down vertical scroller.

Myriad of Dragons
Myriad of Dragons

Myriad of Dragons is a modern Trading Card Game with Real Time Strategy elements built on community.


In Stifled, the player’s only way to visualise and navigate the world is through the very sounds they make. These sounds are picked up via microphone



27岁的黄良伟从小立志要设计属于自己的游戏。为了理想,他报读理工学院的美术与游戏设计课程。之后,到大学修读数码艺术与动画。毕业后,他受聘于日本在本地的电玩公司。去年,他与两名友人设计名为“割草英雄”的移动平台游戏。随后,他辞工设起步公司,并成功说服一家美国公司发行“割草英雄”…… ...Read More

Boxing champion Manny Pacquiao throws his hat into the startup ring, invests in Singapore’s GToken

Senator Manny Pacquiao (Orange t-shirt) with the GToken team Philippines Senator and World Champion Boxer in eight different ...Read More

Popular Videos

Chiro Heroes

Have fun and be engaged while learning the basics of chinese character writing. Play as a young orphan in the care of an experienced demon hunter (Master Ji) an

Stifled Teaser Trailer

Stifled is an immersive sound-based horror experience, where 'they hear your fears'