8 Companies that Will Set Southeast Asia’s Gaming Industry Ablaze in 2017

Let this list point you in the right direction.


The video game industry is thriving, more so in the Southeast Asian region. With gaming giant Ubisoft opening a new Philippine office and the ESL One Genting gaming tournament in Malaysia being a huge success in viewership, there is no doubt that gaming is serious business.

It should come as no surprise that some game studios have made a huge impact in the region in the past couple of years. In no particular order, here are eight Southeast Asian gaming companies you should watch for in 2017.


Inzen Studio (Singapore)

Brave Unicorns

2016 was a fruitful year for this mobile game-focused company led by its CEO Gerald Tok. Its recent puzzle shooting title Dark Dot was a winner in the First International Mobile Gaming Awards (Southeast Asia), claiming the Excellence in Innovation Award.

The company was also featured in a Google Play video where they found success in the platform through the power of analytics and app store presentation. On top of that, they are now under game publisher iCandy Interactive—ready to make more bright and chirpy mobile titles for an even bigger audience.


Witching Hour Studio (Singapore)


Led by co-founders Ian Gregory and Brian Kwek, the small team started out with the strategy iPhone game, which is now also on PC, Ravenmark: Scourge of Estellion. With a few mobile games and relevant industry experience under their belt, it was high time they created what they set out to do: a PC role-playing game with a rich narrative.

Masquerada: Songs & Shadow was released to much acclaim not just from the Singaporean press but also from revered sites like Vice and Kill Screen. What was even more remarkable was that the studio’s vision and game narrative was uncompromised, even at the risk of government censorship in Singapore.


(Article Source: http://inc-asean.com/technology/8-companies-that-will-set-southeast-asias-gaming-industry-ablaze-in-2017/)