Singapore, Jan 12, 2017 The latest instalment in Happy Labs’ lineup of simulation games, Restaurant Paradise is now officially launched! Build your very own restaurant island, and feast your eyes on delectable dishes from all over the world. The game is now available to download globally via iTunes App Store and Google Play.

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Welcome to Restaurant Paradise! Chef Pierre is here to guide you!


About Restaurant Paradise

In Restaurant Paradise, players can build and decorate their own gourmet island. The more you build, the more you earn! Get rich, hire workers, upgrade shops, and attract new foodies! With 100+ shops and decos to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choices.

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As players level up, they can unlock more shops and other investment tasks. Completing investments will unlock special foodies to their island! New ingredients can also be used in shops to increase their stats!

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Each shop can also be upgraded to a new look by holding Food Fairs, a timed event where players can earn shop XP, coin rewards and Fever stars. Once you’ve collected enough stars, run Fever mode to earn lots of coins! Food Fairs allow players to earn money on the go even when they’re not playing.

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As they progress, players can build a boat dock and order food ingredients. These items can be used to improve a shop’s Charm and Usage Fee, allowing it to attract more customers and earn more money!

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The richest and most beautiful restaurant islands will be featured on the global leaderboard. This is your chance to shine! Players can also add new friends from the leaderboard and give tips to each other.

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Best of both worlds

Restaurant Paradise brings out the best of both worlds in Happy Labs’ Happy Mall Story and Hotel Story, while also adding new features to spice up the game. Players who are familiar with those games would also appreciate these long-awaited game-changing features in Restaurant Paradise:

RP EditMode  RP StartEndPoint

                                                                                                          Edit Mode lets players decorate at their own pace.

Quickly build paths using start and end points

Launch celebration


Happy Labs is also pleased to announce amazing events happening as part of Restaurant Paradise’s official launch:

  1. All permanent purchases will be on sale from 30% to 50% off! This includes Food Fair Guru (increases Food Fair rewards), Worker Benefit (reduces building time), Rich Customers (increases shop earnings), and Tech Invest (reduces all shop and deco costs).
  2. All players who played before the official launch will be gifted 200 in-game diamonds.
  3. Lunar New Year deco has been added in time for the festive occasion. Happy Labs wishes all players a happy and prosperous new year!

There will be more exciting news to come, so stay tuned for more updates from Happy Labs!


Download now from official stores!


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