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May 2015
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Another positive review of Spacejacked, this time by Aaron Goldsmith from Haogamers.

" Rotten Mage are an up and coming indie studio from Singapore. You can see from their other games that they don’t waste time carbon copying other styles and have some original and interesting ideas. Spacejacked, however, is definitely a step up for them. It’s free to download at Indie DB or you can play it in your browser at Game Jolt and so far the consensus is overwhelmingly positive, myself included."

Although the full version will only be available for download later this year, be sure to try out the playable demo over the long weekend! #supportlocal #sggames

Credits: Haogamers
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Holy Potatoes: A Weapon Shop?'s beta is out! Judging from the overwhelming response the game received at Casual Connect Asia last week, we think Holy Potatoes will be a hit.

Here's the first review of the beta by Geek Culture:

" ... Daylight Studios has nailed down a winning game formula considering how easy it is to lose hours to Holy Potatoes!"

Credits: Geek Culture
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